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Garam Masala Coconut Milk Carrot Soup

I love tall, hairy men. We all have a type, and that is my type! There is something about that form of raw, uninhibited embodiment of masculinity that just gets to me. I think that’s why I really loved how Captain America in Infinity war – the beard!! He is really good looking either way, but I feel facial hair adds a bit of spice, ya feel me? I have made it my weekend habit to re-watch all marvel movies. I enjoyed them when they premiered in the past and still love them today! From all Iron Man & Captain America series, to both Guardians of the Galaxy volumes, Avengers , X-men…Everything! I am waiting with baited breath for Captain Marvel next year! I haven’t quite enjoyed Ant Man, and Ant Man and The Wasp, but all the rest are worth re-watching ! And of course, watching along with something delicious makes it all worth while!

My garam masala coconut milk soup is among my favorite soup recipes! Such amazing full flavors that I know without doubt that you too will deeply enjoy as well!

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Coconut Cream Sweet Potato Soup

I am kinda warming up to this cold weather (pun intended). I am, in my heart of hearts, a girl who is really into hot weather as I feel that kind of weather really energizes me. But I also love the cozy feel that cold weather brings. I love how evening walks are a lot more bearable with this weather. I am enjoying a less dusty Nairobi. Loving my knits and my boots. And most of all, loving all the delicious soups I am making now which I am excited to share with you in the coming weeks.

For today, I made this delicious, silky, absolutely delicious sweet potato soup! It is so flavorful, rich and crazy easy to prepare. I was quite suppressed that quite a number of my audience, especially on twitter, he have never had some sweet potato soup. If this is your first time coming across sweet potato soup, this is for you. If you have always loved sweet potato soup, add this one to your collection <3

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