I made this teriyaki chicken on a hot February weekend.  When I purchased my wings from city market, my main concern was getting home fast enough without them getting spoilt as a result of the excruciating  heat. In as much as I love this weather, on that particular afternoon, I would have happily welcomed an unexpected down pour.  When I did get home, the chicken had developed a strange slimy layer, to my dismay.  I was so disappointed because  I felt that I had wasted money on a dish I would not get to prepare. I told my mum about my disappointment and she explained to me that the chicken was not spoilt. It just develops that layer so as to protect itself from the effects of the heat on the short term. However, it needed to be washed off and marinated immediately. That calmed me down and got my adrenalin pumping for the actual cooking.

This teriyaki chicken turned out even better than I had anticipated. The sauce was phenomenal. The pineapple marinade was fantastic! My sisters, mum and daddy devoured these teriyaki chicken wings in a flash. This was way better than any chicken in any hotel, hands down! And this is not boasting, this is just what went down. As you read through, imagine yourself doing each step and you will see how easy this is. #musttry

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