When my sisters and I were little girls, my mother had employed a help named Maggie to assist her with the house hold chores and help her keep an eye on her hyper active girls. I always remember how we sometimes used to stress Maggie when we would mess the house LOL, but she still enjoyed having us around more so during the holidays. I remember the first time I tasted pumpkin chapati. She was the one who made them for us under the guidance of my mum. Like many kids, we never liked eating pumpkin. Together with my mum they tried various ways of sneaking this into our food and they finally succeeded when we liked pumpkin chapati they made for us.

There are so many ways of having your pumpkin. I asked you guys on Instagram how you liked having your pumpkin and it was evident how there are so many ways to creatively have your pumpkin. Today, I give you one of my now favorite breakfast meals: Pumpkin and Cardamom french toast.

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