In my country Kenya, the most popular vegetables that accompany any meal are kale and cabbage. They are nutritious, but when you have them too often one yearns for a bit more variety. That’s when I always indulge in veggies popular in my tribe, the Luhya tribe, which offer greater variety and  have bolder flavor and character. Such as these include tsisaga, mutere, murenda,kanzira, seveve, mto e.t.c.  They are usually cooked with cream and various other ingredients that make this vegetables rich and beautifully tasty. During the times I cannot access them, I usually have creamed spinach. Creamed spinach usually go with nearly everything. In majority of the recipes I have done in the past, I usually recommend them to be served with creamed spinach. One of my readers requested this recipe and I was more than delighted to share with her, and with all of you :).

creamed spinach with garlic_ kaluhi_s_kitchen

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