How fast has 2019 flown by?!! It has been a beautiful decade and an amazing year which I feel is culminating into the new decade with lots of promise and success. 2020 smells like wealth. It sounds like joy and laughter. It feels like going through challenges with grit, resilience and coming out the other side stronger, shinier and wiser. I have been looking back on the past decade and I am so happy about my growth and dumbfounded by the unexpected twist and turns of life and how everything just falls in place. I would have never guessed that me, a BCOM finance student would end the decade as the best Food Blogger in the country! I would have never guessed that the things I was so insecure about in 2010 about my body, would be my absolute favorite ones at the end of the decade. Everything just works out, and in hindsight, the most random twists make sense! I am so excited about the path ahead.

I know that paragraph is so not related to what today’s recipe is about lol, but now let us get into it. It is rainy and most of us are indoors, and it is a great time to go within and take stock. As we reflect on the past decade, please do so while chowing down my red wine braised honey pork ribs. For sure, the best you will ever have.

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