My boarding school was one of those super strict, super structured, super rigid catholic boarding schools. I often say, if it weren’t for my friends, who are my forever friends, and for the company they offered, I would have gone crazy. Most rules never made sense, but you know, we just went with it. We were not allowed to carry much junk food, which I personally did not mind since I have never been a sweet tooth anyway. But what we had ,we made sure to make use of.  Most people went overboard with milk powder, making biscuit sandwiches with them , heck even licking it as it was. We were desperate! 😀 It was eventually banned as well. I decided to get a pack and relieve those days. It did not taste as good as it did back them, but since I was not going to waste it, I decided to prepare a snack with them.

Labania za maziwa can be classified as a sweet. They are chewy in texture, just as a fudge would be. They are easy to make right at home, which is always a plus since you can control how much sugar goes into them. This is what we are getting into today and I am so sure you will love them as much as I do! <3

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