Minced meat is my favorite lazy meal. Not only is it so delicious to make, but it is also so versatile such that it’s left overs are so amazing in sandwiches, in buns, as part of lasagna and many many maaaaaaaany other things. This recipe has been requested so much by you guys, and I guess I have been postponing making it because I though it was way too easy. But you know what, what is too easy for me may still be worth learning for someone else so I made minced meat anyway! Sorry for keeping you guys waiting!!

The recipe is exclusive to my YouTube channel. It is super detailed and the exact recipe quantities being detailed on the video’s description box. It is so easy to make delicious and beautiful minced meat with local ingredients and my video is testament to that!  Thank you for being part of my tribe and hope you love this one as you always enjoy all my recipes.

Here is the link to the video.