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Garlic & Mustard Chicken Omellete

I love discovering fantastic Kenyan brands that always deliver on quality, flavor and really bring something new to the market. Last year I attended the first ever Nairobi Food Market where all these products were paraded in all their glory! Thy were so many, and I wanted to have them all, but my wallet dictated otherwise. I settled on only my favorites for the day which were, African Kaya Sweet Chili Sauce (which my eldest sister LOVED too and stole from me went home with it), Need Gelato and a strawberry whiskey jam by Jars Of Goodness (which my youngest sister stole from me left for school with). Since that food market, I have always loved all Jars of Goodness products and make sure I have something form them in my fridge. Check them out here. I had some sundried tomato mustard from them and decided to play around with it and came up with the best ever omellete!

Brunch is made for delicious food and fun company <3! And among the savory dishes I love to have most is my garlic and mustard chicken omellete!

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Its Going Down at Soko 254!

Have you ever purchased or tasted a fantastic ingredient then had a hard time finding it again around Nairobi? You know the manufacturers are Kenyan, but you cannot seem to find that amazing product you cannot seem to  get out of your head in any store around. Many sellers sight this to expensive rates for renting out space in Nairobi which hinders them from getting a permanent physical location. Soko 254 has come in to save both vendors by providing a really cool pop up market  to sell their amazing products and us by allowing us to access the best products in the market at one venue.

Soko is a swahili name referring to market. This one in particular will be a pop up market, which gives it a warm, inviting feel  while checking out amazing products and allowing also fun and socializing. It is a market place for all foodies and everyone who loves cooking, amateur or pro, and those who enjoy to eat and drink. I don’t know about you but I will definitely be going! Read on to find out more deets:

soko254 first pop up food market in kenya in conjunction with top kenyan food blogger Kaluhi Adagala of

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