I am always so excited when my small cousins, Mudola and Kadesa, come over to visit from Mombasa. The last time they came over, I made some simple spaghetti and my matata meatballs for dinner. The arrived just as I was taking the spaghetti from the heat. Mudola saw the spaghetti and yelled in excitement “Indomie!!!” and ran towards me. Indomie are a popular noodle brand in this country. And because noodles kinda resemble spaghetti, to 3 year old Mudola , I was making her favorite noodles. She quickly asked for some, and gobbled them down amid giggles, a cheeky sparkle in her eyes and that warm incandescence that filled the room whenever she laughed. She is adorable!

While they love spaghetti, I once in a while prep instant noodles for kina Mudola. I always go the extra mile because we just do not do kawaida here at #KK. Abit of fresh veggies to play up the flavor and bring it to life and it always turns out great. I like my recipes easy and tasty. This is no exception 🙂

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