Am I the only one who still gets super excited when parents return home from upcountry and they bring lots of fresh FOOD with them? Maybe its a foodie thing, or maybe its just me LOL. My parents always bring fresh produce with them since it is cheaper there and overall of better health and quality. The best honey we have is always from Maragoli and also, the best mushrooms I have ever tasted were from Maragoli. ‘Ovwova’, as we call them, are eaten quite often in shagz. I was so scared about giving them a try but after my mum made them and I had my first taste, I was sold! And that was the day my love affair with mushrooms started. I try add them to nearly anything and to my surprise, they go with almost anything in my opinion.

When I have eggs for breakfast, I like mine scrambled. But when I incorporate other things, I like making an omelette.. Oh! This button mushroom and red onion omelette was so so so good I am literally drooling as I type this out. And in true #KK fashion, it was so easy to whip up 🙂

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