My Papa like s having a full meal for breakfast. It not only keeps him fuller for longer but is also healthier. On certain specific weekdays my mum usually makes for him unskinned potatoes and coleslaw with pineapple or raisin, and maybe a cup of tea afterwards. #LuhyasWillBeLuhyas LOL

I also tend to get very hungry soon after having my breakfast. And the more of a full meal I eat in the morning, the more energy I will have to power me through the first hours of the day. I decided to make  what mum makes for daddy in the morning abit more exciting with flavors I know go very well with potatoes. If you are looking for a hearty filling breakfast, you are in the right place :))

Today: Potato and Pepper Breakfast Saute

potato and pepper breakfast saute by kaluhi adagala of kaluhiskitchen.com_breakfast recipes_best kenyan food blog

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