Like every blogger, I often hit those writing blocks when I just do not know what to post next.  To get over that, I usually turn to various food blogs or scroll through some of my fellow foodie’s IG feeds for some inspiration. This usually works perfectly! No sooner am I done surfing than I am bubbling over with new recipe ideas to try out.

One of my most inspirational foodie feeds on Instagram is Miss Mandi Throwdown by Mandi Sarro . She can really throw down some serious dishes!!!! From what I noticed about her, she likes her meals really wholesome, just as I do. And like any other African lady, she often incorporates the previous day’s meals into the next day’s meal but in really creative ways. Nothing goes to waste! I like that so much. One way she does this is by making a frittata. I decided to give this a try and I am blown away.

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