A few things come close to how soothing a hot glass of dawa on a cold day is! Dawa means ‘Medicine’ in kiswahili. There are two variations of the dawa drink: the cocktail and the tea. Today we are making the tea. Dawa is commonly taken when one wants to soothe a sore throat, ease a cold and for most, just to warm themselves up and inject their body with a bucket load of vitamins. You don’t have to wait till you have a flu to enjoy this, you can just enjoy it anyday, anytime honey! Now that we are in August, the days are a lot milder, though the temparatures are still generally low (low by Kenyan standards at least lol) and the nights are cold and crisp. A perfect glassful of dawa would be perfect to warm you up not only this month but really any time of the year that you want something delicious, nutritious, warming and soothing. There are countless ways of making dawa, and today’s recipe is my take.

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