Have you ever had those moments where you wake up with a song in your head and it plays all day long? Such songs have you forgetting everything because they are all that is occupying your mind. I was trying to remember where I got inspiration for this but I couldn’t, why you ask? Because boomba train by E-sir and Nameless has not stopped playing in my head since I got up.

“Tumekuja kuparty. DJ hebu weka tracki. Tukule hepi, alafu, tufungue sakafu. Sababu inabamba. Inashika! Wingu la tisa inatufikisha. Ukiwachilia mahewa, maze DJ unatubeba ah……”

I hope you were dancing as you sang along to those lyrics :D! If you do not know this song, you are too young my friend! Isn’t it amazing how we can remember songs from over a decade ago but can’t remember inspiration of a dish you made less than a month ago?! Anyway, as we indulge in the celebratory spirit of Friday, savor my brandy marinated grilled chicken wings.

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