If you went to a boarding school in high school, you understand how important those occasional outings were! We called them ‘funkies’ back in my day, and we scrambled to be on the bus whenever each one came. It was a breath of fresh air to be in a different environment and meet new people and of course, mingle with cute boys. The two main funkies that had a sequence of events were Drama festivals in the first term and music festivals second term. I was all in during drama festivals. Besides all the fun activities, I also lived for eating good food especially considering my school, Precious Blood Riruta, banned most junk food.

As girls, most boys just bought us food. I guess as an ice breaker, but we knew they knew it was the best way to get our attention. Yes, we were shamelessly greedy. I loved Lenana School (or Changes as we used to call it) because they had a wide variety of snacks they had. I especially loved their Combi, which is basically a combination of a filling of choice inside a maandazi. At the end of the funkie, we would anticipate receiving mail from our crushes and since most of us did not have mobile phones while in school. Times have changed and now, our crushes are just a call away. Just a message away. And with a strong network such as Safaricom 4G, days of waiting for mail to hear form our crushes are long behind us! Each time I have a sausage pasua in town, I get major throwback of the good ol days! This recipe was inspired by my favorite high school period as and one of my favorite Kravings I indulge in when hunger strikes, but ofcourse with a touch of K!


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