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Lemon Rosemary Chicken Strips

Let me admit: I struggle to make my chicken breast moist. Be it through frying or baking, somedays it comes out nice and juicy, other days it comes out dry. And when I say dry I mean as dry as kuni :DD. It is something I am yet to master, but in the cooking world, one never knows everything and each day is a chance to learn, yes? I still however almost always have chicken breast in my freezer, just in case I need to whip up something in a short amount of time. To go around the problem of dry chicken breast, I always make chicken strips with some kind of sauce. Chicken strips take such a short time to cook and having them drenched in a sauce gives them much needed juiciness. Cooking my chicken  breast this way has never failed me.

Today I give you my third chicken strips recipe; this time drenched in a rich cheesy lemon rosemary sauce. So so easy you can cook it with your hands tied and eyes shut! Lets do this!

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Chicken Strips in Orange and Ginger Sauce

I was going through one of the books I jot down recipe ideas so that I do not forget what I feel would work in the kitchen. On the day I  made this, I was going through a notebook I was using in 2014 and came across and orange-ginger sauce I was writing but never completed. The ingredients seem to work in my head, and I had some chicken breast sitting in my freezer so I decided to give it a try.

Mum loved it! Dad enjoyed it too, and my youngest sister described it as a chicken recipe you will never taste anywhere else. Seeing people enjoy my recipes gives me so much satisfaction. I have a feeling you will enjoy this too as much as my fam did :))

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