Chicken mshikaki reminds me of my days growing up in Lang’ata. We never had as much street food as let’s say Pangani and Eastleigh has, but what we did have made our evenings super exciting. With the cover of dusk, streets lined up with people selling all kinds of things. Hissing sound searing of mutura, smoke rising from jikos being fanned before roasting the maize, mshikaki being skewered for roasting and sold with  viazi karai,  kaleidoscopes of mabuyu and one shilling ice displayed for passer-bys to choose from were some of the things that made my evenings and walks from school so fun. Things in my childhood neighborhood have since changed but all the fun times remain cemented in my very soul!

To celebrate one of my faves, today’s recipe draws inspiration from chicken mshikaki I used to enjoy snacking on growing up. Of course, in true Kaluhi fashion, my rendition on it has shaken things up, turned up the spice dial and even thrown in a dip. Let’s get to it!

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