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Potato and Pepper Breakfast Saute

My Papa like s having a full meal for breakfast. It not only keeps him fuller for longer but is also healthier. On certain specific weekdays my mum usually makes for him unskinned potatoes and coleslaw with pineapple or raisin, and maybe a cup of tea afterwards. #LuhyasWillBeLuhyas LOL

I also tend to get very hungry soon after having my breakfast. And the more of a full meal I eat in the morning, the more energy I will have to power me through the first hours of the day. I decided to make  what mum makes for daddy in the morning abit more exciting with flavors I know go very well with potatoes. If you are looking for a hearty filling breakfast, you are in the right place :))

Today: Potato and Pepper Breakfast Saute

potato and pepper breakfast saute by kaluhi adagala of kaluhiskitchen.com_breakfast recipes_best kenyan food blog

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Orange Zest Funfetti Pancakes

I get inspiration for my recipes from almost anything, but usually from things that tug my heartstrings. Today’s recipe was inspired by personalities that embody and radiate sunshine and joy. Those are the personalities of my two young cousins Kadesa, 8 and Mudola, 4. They make me so happy and I just love hanging around them. Last time when they came over, I prepared this dish. This time round I made this, though after they had left. I feel these funfetti pancakes fun, warm  and happy feel captures what I feel when I am around these two girls.

I made pancakes last time with raisins and some orange syrup and they were explosively fantastic. This time round, I decided to add funfetti, some freshly squeezed orange juice and a milky syrup. They were so so good. If you loved the raisin pancakes, you will love these funfetti pancakes.

orange zest funfetti pancakes_Kenyan food blog_Kaluhis Kitchen

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Sesame seed and Ginger Scrambled eggs

Do you ever wake up and just feel like cooking nice things because the day looks beautiful and has started really well? I do not know if I am the only one who feels this… But on the particular day I made this dish, I woke up feeling really up beat. The sun was shining so bright outside, Ngong hills as seen from our kitchen window looking as majestic as always and the morning air was crisp and clean. The day ahead looked really promising. I decided to make the day even more fantastic by having a very good first meal of the day.

I decided to have scrambled eggs for breakfast, and you know, as usual, these were not just any normal scrambled eggs. I decided to play around with my pantry ingredients and came up with the most delicious scrambled eggs with the most spectacular flavors and amazing textures. Start your day on the right foot with my out-of-the-world sesame seed and ginger scrambled eggs.

sesame seed and ginger scrambled eggs_Kaluhis Kitchen

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Coffee Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

Our home has been having some electrical issues for sometime now such that in certain rooms, you cannot use high power electronics. For that reason, the oven had never been connected to the electricity. For a long time I thought that maybe using the oven will not result into any serious electrical issue. You never really know until you try. Therefore, one day when I was home alone, the risk-taker in me connected a plug to the oven wires, and to my delight it worked. I knew either everything would go well, or I would burn the house, the oven would explode or an electrical surge would destroy the entire neighborhood. Despite my fears, I went straight to work and decided to bake something. It went great but right when I was opening the oven door to remove my cinnamon rolls, the fuse went off and the plug melted. I disconnected everything, and acknowledged that I am no electrician!
As I tasted my dish, I was delighted that my risk paid off. These cinnamon rolls were so soft and the coffee beautifully offset the sweetness of the honey. I present to you my coffee glazed cinnamon rolls.

coffee glazed cinnamon rolls.1

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