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Achari Mushroom Farfelle Pasta

I love the amazing inspiration I get form my fellow Kenyan foodies for all the recipes I try out. One of my faves is @soni.side.up (you have to follow her guys!!!). She is hella creative, so funny as well and one of my favorite people whose opinion on restaurants shapes where I will or will not visit. That’s how dope she is! I love her very fun, very witty¬† #WouldYouRatherWednesday polls which I always have to be part of! Last week, she had a pasta week, where each day she would either be dining out in Nairobi’s best and hidden Italian restaurants for pasta and also made some of her own at home. Her escapades inspired today’s recipe and made me want to be more adventurous with my pasta and eat more of it.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did <3

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Achari ya Limau

I find it very amazing how our food cultures are very much globally intertwined. What we may think belongs exclusively to our nation, may actually in fact have it’s roots in another nation. Also, how one culture makes a certain thing could be prepared in a different way by another to achieve similar results. In Kenya for example, many of our dishes have their origins in India: chapati, dhania, chai, nearly all our masalas and as I recently discovered, achari. It definitely is prepared in different ways from region to region along the coast, but what it has in common is the pickling of lemons and or limes specifically in achari ya ndimu. Slow but sure culmination of flavors, achari ya ndimu, like wine, gets better with the passing of time. This is one of those condiments you do not rush. The longer it sits the better. I prepared mine over the course of last week and of course, added my own touch. Everything is always better with a touch of K! I encourage you to try our my achari ya ndimu and enjoy amazing taste together with your favorite meals.


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